Blank wood

Blank wood

Matryoshka dolls are made of wood from lime, balsa, alder, aspen and birch trees. But lime is probably the most common wood type and we offer you the products from lime.

The trees for matryoshka-making are marked for cutting in early spring. After cutting the trees are stripped of most of their bark. The top and butt ends of the trunks are smeared with sap to keep them from cracking. The logs are stacked in piles in such a way as to leave clearance between the logs so air can circulate.

The tree trunks are cut into lengths appropriate for the heights of the matryoshkas to be made and transported to the woodworker's shop.

Raw materials for treating the worked dolls before painting include oil to retain the moisture and a starch-based glue primer. The artist uses tempera paints, oil paints, gold leaf, and less often, watercolors. Lacquer and sometimes wax are used to provide protective layers on the painted artworks.

You can also paint these beautiful matryoshkas. The artist has made the contours for painting. That is why the process won’t be difficult for you. Just buy these matryoshka sets, take or buy a brush and paints and you will have your nice matryoshka dolls!


Moreover, you can paint different things such as dishes, cups, tall glasses, cappies, sugar bowls and others. The pictures on these things depend on your fantasy!

Matryoshka nesting doll Unpainted wooden set 1. Free worldwide shipping.

Code: 03-002 (Unpainted set1)Status: Production time: 10 days

Matryoshka nesting doll Unpainted wooden set 2. Free worldwide shipping.

Code: 03-003 (Unpainted set2)Status: Production time: 10 days

Matryoshka nesting doll Unpainted wooden set 3. Free worldwide shipping.

Code: 03-004 (Unpainted set3)Status: Production time: 10 days
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