About Us

ArtMatryoshka.com, online-store of Russian souvenirs  was founded in 2009.

We like matryoshka dolls and think that you will love them as well. Matryoshkas, chime dolls and different souvenirs are so cute, aren’t they?

We are located in Moscow, Russia. All our products are made in Russia. People who create these amazing things are professional artists  which specialize in production of Russian souvenirs for a long time.

Please note that we can make matryoshka dolls of any sport teams. We can paint football teams, basketball teams, hokkey teams, American football teams. You should just contact us and send their photos with description here: order@artmatryoshka.com. Russian matryoshka with sport team - it's amazing gift to your friends!

We really hope that our store is easy for your using and shopping.

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